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Thelma Plum - "Gold" (Chet Faker cover)

Via Courier Mail So I'm late to the game on this one - like the grounds crew has already finished their job, packed up, and has cracked a beer at home late - but figured what the heck, a good song is a good song right? The Brisbane artist absolutely kills Chet Faker's "Gold" during this round of Triple J's Like a Version. Faker's Built on Glass was easily one of the records on heaviest rotation for me this past year, so praise for Faker duplication does not come easily.Plum adds so many layers, however, really giving the track more the feel of a stepchild - who becomes the star of the family -rather than bastard son. Might just be listening to Plum's take from here on out whenever Built on Glass hits track five. Be sure to check out her first EP, Rosie , and her latest, Monsters . This find comes via Stereofox .

Sorcha Richardson - "Petrol Station"

It's been a great week for new releases and the one I'm most excited about thus far is "Petrol Station" from Sorcha Richardson . There are a few groups that have been standbys for me since Bochi Crew started in 2012 and Sorcha Richardson is certainly one of them. The New York based Irish musician has developed tremendously through her solo work and work with CON VOS . In her most recent effort, the stripped down acoustic has made way for a synth heavy, thumping tune. The best part? Richardson's lyrics still linger on just as hauntingly as they always have. Take the line: "the grass stains on my shoes/and my rib cage is bruised/and that side of love you tasted/find that stuff you chase." It hits just as hard as lines on Sleep will set me free . Richardson has a knack for not only great lyricism, but for the even more important delivery. "Petrol Station" sees its release on May 26th followed by a number of summer shows. Catch her May 23 at H

A/S/L - "3934 km"

Photo via XLR8R Sunday's track comes via XLR8R and is one to start the week with. "3934 km" from producer A/S/L comes ahead of his EP, Away from you . The title of the track really got me wondering - especially because I tend to spend hours pouring over maps. A/S/L is based out of LA so figured why not throw a point down on the map and see what is 3934 km away. Sure enough, you head about that distance east and you hit NYC. Take Horace Greeley's advice and go west my son, you hit Hawaii. Personally, I'll take the warmth of "3934 km" and make a bid for a Hawaii, especially after digging out from a few inches of snow this weekend. The only thing making "3934 km" anymore listenable, is that its free. Warm listening and enjoy a bonus track from Abhi//Dijon

Under Two Palms - "Under Two Palms"

Photo Courtsey Deviant Art We're going to keep the nostalgia coming for now and what says nostalgia like fuzzy lo-fi. Today's track comes from Under Two Palms and can't help but draw a comparison to Neon Indian here. The track is self-pegged by Under Two Palms as #vaporwave which I can only hope gains some cache because I would love to throw around that term on a regular basis. The thing that got me into music blogging in the first place was finding out the absurd backstories that most groups seem to have. Unfortunately, Under Two Palms has done an excellent job staying under the radar so we'll have to leave it at that. Track comes via Cocaine Jesus which if ya want more of the same, you now know where to find it. Enjoy and give these guys some love!

Made In Heights - "Slow Burn"

My close friends have likely gotten sick of me lamenting the fall of nu-disco. It was such a strange phenomena, gathering momentum at an exponential rate and then evaporating like steam with little to show for it other than the nostalgia it was born out of. Thankfully, the quickly up and coming Made In Heights are, at least temporarily, bringing some nu-disco back to the headphones - "Slow Burn" almost takes you back to La Roux's "Bulletproof." Not new by any means, Sabzi and Kelsey Bulkin have been at it for awhile with a slew of singles punctuating this past year. As a friend described it, "Slow Burn" has everything you need for a lazy sunny Sunday drive. The bouncing synths add a certain level of absurdity which is counter-acted by Belkin's whispy vocals that keep the suspension in check. With "Slow Burn" and "Forgiveness", Made In Heights' upcoming album, Without My Enemy What Would I do looks like a continued upwar