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Simply Put III

The past couple of weeks have been constantly in flux between emotional highs and lows but keeping me grounded has been the renewed interest in music and writing. However, my next couple of weeks will receive a lift with Grieves passing through Iowa City at the Blue Moose Taps Room. Look for the interview in the coming two weeks. Fort Frances will also be passing through Grinnell and doing an acoustic in-studio. Enough about my life. In accordance with the aim of the Simply Put feature, simply music with little commentary, let's jump into this weeks tracks without further adieu.

It's About that Time... Simply Put

It has been a long long time, about two months now since my last post. As expected, this semester has gotten off to a pretty gnarly and a pretty hectic start. After nearly two years of being stuck in school with courses I didn't enjoy, things finally broke for the better. I landed myself in a stellar seminar and my senior thesis is proving to be equally stellar. Admittedly I have not checked the Bochi Crew inbox in two months now so my musical tastes as of late have been dictated solely by other blogs versus what y'all send me. Given that there has been a parting of the clouds and I should have some free time in my schedule look for regular posting on Bochi again. If you haven't already check out the blog I where most of my energy is focused nowadays over at good old college radio station . Below are a sampling of some tracks that have blowing out the headphones thus far this semester. Keep checking back, I'll post more I promise!