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Like Ben, I am somewhat constrained by time this summer.  I have wanted to post Frame/Frame for the past couple weeks, but really haven't had an opportunity. I ended up seeing Frame/Frame last month at the Humming Tree, a bar in one of the trendier neighborhoods of Bangalore.  I ended up coming away really impressed.  Frame/Frame's set was well suited to the venue, the crowd got into it, and I ended up having a excellent first concert experience in India. I ended up posting Feather and Polar from Frame/Frame's SoundCloud , but I enjoy all of his music and definitely recommend you check it out.

Misun - Summer Bootlegs

If anything can ring in the summer, it is a well put together mixtape. Misun's Summer Bootlegs mixtape mixed by Cousin Cole and Nacey is befitting of all that is great about the summer: heat, tropical weather, cold drinks in hand, beach chairs, coolers, floating in the pool, and of course BBQ. The mixtape hits it hard from the get go with the feel-good track, "Promise Me." The back key on my ipod I am sure has lost some functionality based on the sheer number of times I have restarted "Promise Me" ipon its completion. Another standout, well they are all really standouts, is "Met You." It boasts all the upbeat positive vibes similarly encapsulated in Mase's "Welcome Back." Enjoy the fourth and get this one cranking to ensure good vibes throughout the day, it is a free download so there is no excuse not to.

Small Pools - "Dreaming" (The Chainsmokers Remix)

Aged nine months, The Chainsmokers are certainly an aural brew that gets better with age. The NYC duo have brought to the fore an enthralling synthesis of indie and EDM. The latest to make the rounds of the blogosphere is a remix of “Dreaming” from Small Pools. The original, deemed by Drew and Alex to be a summer anthem replete with the smells of fresh cut grass and afternoons in the sun, sees these vibes amplified with the rehash. A bit of Felix Cartel and maybe even some Mount Kimbie can be heard in the remix but it all blends together in a whole different way. As their sound continues to show signs of maturity it sure seems like the duo haven't, a good thing for sure. Not to say Drew and Alex are immature, but they bring a certain absurdity, matching vibrant music with vibrant personalities. You never know what you will get from these guys, especially in the press releases. Along with “Dreaming,” a day in the life of The Chainsmokers was sent along. Scope it below.