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Gone Fishing

During the past couple of weeks I have been blissfully unaware of most goings on in regards to music. It has been weeks since I last wrote a post. It was not planned but I have decided to take an indefinite haitus from blogging and will literally be taking some time off to go fishing in the coming weeks. What initially started as short break over independence day weekend grew into what has become a much needed step back to combat burnout. The down trodden economy gave me a break and threw me a job and internship which has taken up a considerable amount of my time and I cannot say I have felt all that motivated to post at the end of the day. Bochi Crew came to be as a means to share music amongst friends and out of a curiosity to understand what it was to run a music blog. Without a doubt the experience has been a positive one with no regrets. It just becomes increasingly difficult to rationalize investing as much time as a professional into a blog I run merely for the fun of it.