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Le Youth

Finished up work today with this song running through my head. I typically try to stay away from tracks that have already received a lot of buzz for the sake of avoiding redundancy but today I will make an exception for Le Youth and their track "C O O L." I have definitely been getting into artists with heavier, more emphasized grooves like Breakbot, Eye Emma Jedi, and Electric Guest, Le Youth continues this streak. Another L.A. based producer, Wes James borrows Cassie's notorious "Me and U" and gives it a new and better life of its own. The line "This track is shit cool" is an understatement.

Bohemian Dances

Was laying on my bed trying to take a nap when my desk started rumbling from this track. After listening further I realized the nap was not going to happen. The YUS remix of "Bohemian Dances" by The DO builds and builds and builds and builds and builds and builds... Can't say I know a whole lot about the original track or band but I find myself gravitating towards the Phoenix based artist YUS. Check out his bandcamp. Here's the track. Perfect for early Saturday afternoon before the evening picks up. Rock steady and enjoy the weekend.

You Can Yell

At the end of what seemed like a fruitless search, I finally stumbled upon a gem in "You Can Yell." Astronauts, etc. (project of Berkeley based Anthony Ferraro) bears an eerie resemblance to my favorite collaboration of CSLSX and I Break Horses. Beginning with reverb heavy guitar, the beat drops with hushed vocals and crescendos before dropping into a distorted chorus. I have a lot going on tomorrow so I am required to stay in tonight and this track makes the time go by just a little bit easier.

Young and Sick

Perfect for the end of the night when the fatigue sets in, "House of Spirits" by the Young and Sick provides an effortless and silky smooth listen. Dim the light slip into the pj's and loop to infinity and beyond.