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Noosa - Wonderland

Find Noosa Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Youtube Fairy Pop. That's how Long Island's Noosa describes her sound. Her debut LP produced in collaboration with Mickey Valen , Wonderland certainly fits the bill and focuses on a desire for new beginnings and who knows, maybe even fairy tale endings.One of my favorite quotes, and one I have been coming back to recently, reads "Pain or love or danger makes you real again." This quip from Kerouac lends itself to Wonderland . Wonderland elaborates at length on the difficulties of departure. The LP emerged out of Noosa's long-desired departure from New York and the accompanying unbridled optimism about what awaited her in the West. "Begin Again" and "Golden One" elude to inner-deliberations and struggles that accompany new beginnings. "Begin Again," the third track on the LP builds through a frenzy of keys and optimism: "I believe in storybook tells, If there’s n

Bochi Revival

If you've been paying any attention, the last time I posted was back on November 13, 2013. With a grueling fall semester and more of a fuck everything ancillary mindset this spring, the blog took a hit. Well, rather, it stopped functioning all together. Now, with college behind me and a seemingly endless expanse opening up in front of me, it is time for Bochi to come back into my life in a big way. I can't help feeling that this summer will be a time of tremendous growth both for myself and the blog. The next few weeks will see me slowly making my way westward (shout out to Horace Greeley) to Denver where I will be setting up shop with Jeune Lafitte . In the spirit of departures and what it means to progress, I felt it would be fitting to focus on tracks encapsulating this theme: gain with absence, adaptation with loss and ultimately advancement.