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Simply Put

A downside to not having this blog be my only focus is that a lot of great bands and new tracks get shafted simply because of time constraints. If I write a post I want to ensure that I have the time to devote myself to the artists back story and any quirks and travails that have landed them where they are. Groups I post put a tremendous amount of time into their music so why shouldn't I. The past couple of weeks have left my mind in perpetual somersaults debating if there was a way to balance minimal commentary and songs that deserve a post. I have come to the conclusion though that some press is better than none. Even if I can't give these bands the time of day they deserve with a full write-up, there is no harm in posting them as part of a compilation. This marks the beginning of a new feature on Bochi Crew called "Simply Put." Look for it each week and unlike our Postcards feature there won't be a set number featured each week. It will be a mix of submis…

Catching up with Shelf Nunny [Interview]

Photo Credit: Sketch at left done by Shelf Nunny, rest of collage by Bochi Crew

We had the chance to catch up this week with Christian Gunning, otherwise known as Shelf Nunny about his newest release, Dream Album. To start we asked some simple either or questions that can illuminate a lot about a man. They are as follows:

Beyonce or Rihanna?
Shelf Nunny: "Obviously Beyonce. It's not only girls that love beyonce MMMk? and plus, Rihanna's just got way to big of a forehead for me to take her seriously"

Norcal or SoCal?
SN: "Norcal's a lot less stressful then Socal."

Gandalf or Dumbledore?
SN: "I use to think they were the same actor for so long. and honestly… they're both the same to me."

Ronald McDonald or the Hamburglar?
SN: "No comment"

Fixed gear, single speed, or ten speed bike?
SN: "Single Speed. I'm a simple man."

Skateboard or BMX?
SN:" Skateboarding cooler cause people rap about it and stuff…"

Make of th…

Postcards XV

The postcard featured above comes from a talented Denver-based artist. The winner for our signed Olafur Arnalds giveaway won with a submission of another card by the same artist. The above is my personal favorite but many more can be found here on Mountains versus Plains!

The aim of the Postcards feature is to promote the best music that we have received in the past week in one post. Each Postcard gives a glimpse of different set of genres and artists form different pockets of the globe. The list will be capped at four, allowing for a more in-depth look at each featured artist. If you want to be featured on Postcards send Bochi Crew your music at and follow us @BochiCrew.

Colo Colo Bare with me here in case my info on COLO COLO is not spot-on, the press release is in French. OMG OMG OMG. That is what I am left with in trying to get across my enthusiasm for "Follow Me Down" from Colo Colo. I had some work to do earlier this afternoon and the song…

Trails and Ways - Trilingual EP [MP3]

Trails and Ways released their much anticipated EP Trilingual via Non•Market Records on June 11th. The entire EP plays through brilliantly and has already secured a place in my top ten EPs of the year. The EP includes all of their standout tracks: Como Te Vas, Nunca, Tereza, Border Crosser, and Mtn Tune. The last single to be released, "Tereza" sees its roots in "the desolate coast of northeastern Brazil. Sung by Emma Oppen, the track started from playing Tom Jobim chords over a Radio Dept. beat." An emerging theme in any Trails and Ways release has been the chronicling of some far off land. In support of Trilingual, the Oakland group has announced a set out on a nationwide tour. You can find the tour dates here! . You can also pick up Trilingual on iTunes and "Tereza" for free on Soundcloud.

Ciara Friday

For no other reason than I just really am feeling Ciara remixes right now I proclaim today Ciara Friday. Though I can't say I have given much of attention to Ciara since Middle School dances where "1,2 Step" was THE song to get down to. This morning, well afternoon now, I have been particularly enamored with remixes of "Body Party." I came across Sliink X Nadus Jersey Club remix through the related tracks feature of soundcloud and the great search began from there. I would love for Le Youth to rehash "Body Party" as I think he could do a tremendous job with it. In addition to the Sliink X Nadus Jersey Shore remix enjoy the Figgy Remix as well as a remix from a friend of a friend, Tokyo-based Cleindl. These tracks are best served cold. 20 minute prep time and then bliss.

Sorcha Richardson - "Last Train" [MP3]

Friday night saw me at a Crystal Fighters and Alpine concert while Saturday and Sunday saw me fishing by kayak at Merrill lake at the foot of Mount St. Helens. Since moving to Portland for the summer I have to say I have nothing to complain about. I moved out here to live with extended family and for work with a group working to ensure that the forests and watersheds surrounding Mt. Hood stay intact. The music scene out here is unbelievable as I was told time and time again, I didn't believe them though until I got here. Needing to recuperate from an eventful weekend, I settled down with the newest from Sorcha Richardson, "Last Train."

Richardson's Sleep Will Set Me Free was a standout EP from 2012 and one that received a thumbs up from the toughest of critics, my dad. "Last Train" begins with a haunting line: "Concrete gets so cold right before it breaks your bones." Taken alone the words do not amount to much but passing through Richardson&#…

Crystal Fighters & Alpine [Show Review]

Alpine Up until a few hours prior to the show I had no idea that Alpine was opening for Crystal Fighters. In a lot of ways seeing these guys on the bill brought me some closure on the past year. Nearly every weekend during my past summer in Maine I would throw on "Hands" by Alpine. Over the past year I have been ticking off the groups from those summer playlists as I have been fortunate enough to find myself in situations where I can catch their shows.

Sure enough, Alpine opened with "Hands." Oddly, the two tracks I was anticipating most, "Hands" and "Gasoline," left me unsatisfied. Luckily the slack was picked up by every other song the Australians performed, notably "Villages." After catching Alpine it is fairly evident why they were chosen to open for Crystal Fighters throughout the world tour, they simply deserve it and are laden with talent. Though jet lagged,they didn't show it as they gave a driven performance, noti…

Youth Squared

Today we have two spot on tracks by the name of "Youth." One of these is the newest from the stellar Germany Germany while the other is from Russia's Park, Squares, and Alleys. Both are mellow tracks that rely heavily on melodic repetition. The Germany Germany track reminds me just a bit of Zach Condon's mixtape, The Joys of Losing Weight. Not my favorite from Germany Germany but something about it has me returning to it. Talk about dreamy though with Parks, Squares, and Alleys...

Paper Lions - "Philadelphia" [MP3]

An update from The Ginger Rafiki in Bangalore, India...

I ran track and cross country throughout high school and my distance coach became one of my better friends. A mid-2000s graduate of St. Lawrence University in Canton, New York, and fan of bands like Guster and Weezer, my coach's musical taste had a major influence upon my own. Philadelphia by Paper Lions, reminds me of the best of that genre of music and creates a wave of nostalgia every time I listen.

Trails and Ways - "Como Te Vas" [MP3]

It's a dreamy Spanish pop tune, made from circling vocal chants and wavering tides of synths. Inspired by Emma's last days before leaving Spain, cold-water dives from jagged rocks, a coastline in the grip of early summer, and a lover asking "Como te vas?"--"How are you leaving?"--until the question becomes its own answer: "This is how you're going".
-Ian from Trails and Ways For those of you who celebrated Christmas as a kid, do you remember that feeling of giddy anticipation as you held your biggest present, wondering what it held as you were about to tear into it? Well that is about how I feel whenever an email from Trails and Ways lands in my inbox. The Oakland group's newest, "Como Te Vas" is downright infectious and packs a blissful punch. The track serves as the leading single for the upcoming June 11th release of their EP, Trilingual. The five track EP will be released on the community-based Oakland label, Non•Market Re…

James Blake - "Retrograde" (Mist Glider & Tree Remix)

Self described as, "a holistic collective of artists, musicians, lovers, dreamers, dragon slayers, and friends based out of beautiful, sleepy Santa Cruz, CA," the Sleepy Beach collective has had some hot releases as of late with more forthcoming in the near future. Most recently, Tree and Mist Glider dropped a righteous remix of James Blake's, "Retrograde." Being completely honest, the remix is a far more enjoyable listen than the original, sorry James. The remix has that electric grittiness that has come to define Sleepy Beach releases. Mark the calenders for the June 15th release of collective-mate Shelf Nunny'sDream EP. We will have a very special feature with Shelf Nunny so keep a lookout as the 15th approaches. That nice artwork you are seeing on this post, well that comes from the good man Vladimir Tikay and you can enjoy some more of his work right here.

Bonus track! Wildcard!

Postcards XIV

The aim of the Postcards feature is to promote the best music that we have received in the past week in one post. Each Postcard gives a glimpse of different set of genres and artists form different pockets of the globe. The list will be capped at three, allowing for a more in-depth look at each featured artist. If you want to be featured on Postcards send Bochi Crew your music at and follow us @BochiCrew

Ms. Henrik Perhaps one of my favorite voices that has been sent my way, the androgynous Swede, Ms. Henrik has found a hit with "Mark." Though "Mark"is built on a solid foundation of catchy electronic riffs, the vocals are what do it for me. I haven't heard a voice like Ms. Mark's that hooks me from the get go since "A Little Letting Go" from Mr. Fogg. Another notable release from Ms. Henrik has been Doing it for the Man".

Klassik It has been a hot been since I have been looking forward to the next release from Milwaukee&…

The Chainsmokers Summer Mix

I feel extremely blessed right now, albeit for the smallest thing, free public wi-fi. Nearly every time I have traveled over the last four months I have faced some sort of tiresome delay at the airport or train station. Today finds me serving time at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas. It is taking all of my will power not to hit the slot machines, especially given the fact that I tend to miraculously come out ahead whenever I gamble. Making the wait manageable has been the mix that The Chainsmokers put together for Bochi Crew.

We have posted just about every remix from The Chainsmokers that has come our way, it is pretty clear we are big fans. The New York City duo graciously agreed to put a mix together for Bochi Crew as well some brief rationale behind the selection of each track. This will kick off what we hope will become a regular feature of curated playlists by other artists. Get out the lawn chair, maybe some lemonade, and kick back to the mix.

1 . Fatboy Slim …