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Catching Up With YADi [Interview]

We were lucky enough to catch up Britain's YADi for a quick interview. With the recent success of the re-release of, "Guillotine" and collaborations with Joe Goddard, The Very Best, and Baaba Maal, YADi has stirred up some considerable noise. Remarkably, she has garnered just as much buzz for her fashion as for her music. She is fresh off performances at The Great Escape receiving rave reviews. The Blow EP just saw its release and can scooped on iTunes worldwide. A big thanks to YADi for doing the interview!

The North African and Middle Eastern elements in your music, for instance the oud and qraqebs, are pretty apparent and the aspect I enjoy the most. How has your Algerian ancestry guided you in music and more generally on an everyday basis? How connected to your roots are you?

YADi: It’s more that my father was really into music – in fact that’s what drew him to London in the first place – he came to watch the Rolling Stone in 1976 – and he has brought me up listeni…

MIDI Festival Preview - July 26, 27, 28

The MIDI festival has got me feeling down because I will be stuck in the states instead of the enjoying some of the best acts with the all the comfort of the French Riviera. I was lucky enough the spend some time in the region this past January and let me assure you it a spectacular place. It pains me a lot not to be able to make it to Hyeres. Edith Wharton clearly saw the appeal of Hyeres, though long before the MIDI festival, wintering there between 1919 and 1937. If you aren't convinced then continue reading below for the press release.

Entering into its ninth year, MIDI Festival returns to the beautiful location of the French Riviera to present a selection of the world’s best artists and DJs across a three day exploration of leftfield music. Showcasing a mixture of both established and up and coming acts, MIDI Festival has quietly cemented its reputation as a tastemaker festival, delivering a credible and carefully crafted line-up against the dynamic and beautiful backd…

Elaquent - "The Journey" [MP3]

Hey everyone so this is my first post for Bochi Crew! I recently relocated to Bangalore for the summer and I am going through pretty severe culture shock; I am from rural New Hampshire, go to school in Iowa, and simply put, being in a city of 8.4 million people is overwhelming. The sights, smells, hustle and bustle stretch my sensory capabilities, and I don’t think I was really prepared for seeing raw sewage on the streets, roving packs of stray dogs, and crazed rickshaw drivers who ruthlessly pursue any opening- real or imagined.

"The Journey" is a laid-back instrumental by Elaquent, a perfect summer track for just kicking back and hanging out. It has been the perfect track to help me relax and distress in hot summer nights in India.
-The Ginger Rafiki

The Newest Edition to BC...

In these first several months of Bochi Crew I have managed to be a bit of a control freak as to the direction of the site. It is about time that I give that up. The newest addition is none other than The Ginger Rafiki, our far-flung correspondent in Bangalore, India. The two of us differ noticeably on many things (music included), but this addition will bring some refreshing change to Bochi Crew. They always say family and friends shouldn't go into business together but we are just going to put that warning aside. Rafiki and I are now one step closer now to realizing our dream of opening a combo Bike-coffee shop in some small Midwestern town and eventually putting aside enough cash to buy the football club Olympique de Marseille. Cheers to the new parternship.

Le Youth - "C O OL" (R & B edit)

Le Youth has graced with another edit of "C O O L." James calls it his "babymakin" rendition of the track and luckily for us it is available for free in exchange for a Facebook like. The C O O L EP drops July 2nd and you can pre-order it here.

Catching Up with Georgia Thursting [Interview]

If you got around to reading my Live at Leeds 2013 Review you know I have become a huge Georgia Thursting fan as of late. Fellow writer Howard Jones generously interviewed Georgia Thursting for me after her LAL gig. Big thanks to Howard and Georgia for doing the interview!

A standout at the Leeds College of Music, Thursting drew a fantastic crowd to the intimate venue. It appeared that her peers recognized her talent as well with a solid throng of uni students making their way past the wristband checkers. Thursting acknowledges this: "My fellow students, I think, thought it was really cool and lots of people saying ‘good luck for live at leeds and because we are all musicians we can all understand what it would mean to each other to get opportunities like this and we all support each quite well." With the excellent turnout and support readily apparent Thursting went into her second show of the day pretty thrilled albeit justifiably tired. Playing two sets on Saturday…

Postcards XIII + Signed Olafur Arnalds Vinyl Giveaway!

Just about everyone close to me knows how much I enjoy Olafur Arnalds. If you are anything like me then you will most likely jump on this opportunity to land yourself a signed vinyl edition of Arnalds newest release, For Now I am Winter Similarly, those close to me also know I am a junkie for postcards (you guys might have figured this out to pretty quick given the Postcards feature). Accordingly, the reader giveaway for the signed vinyl is going to wed my two loves. To enter for a chance to win the signed copy of For Now I am Winter simply shoot an email to with a pic of the best postcard you can find. Pretty easy, huh? Get after it.

The aim of the Postcards feature is to promote the best music that we have received in the past week in one post. Each Postcard gives a glimpse of different set of genres and artists form different pockets of the globe. The list will be capped at three, allowing for a more in-depth look at each featured artist. If you want to …

MS MR - Live at the Log Cabin

I was intrigued when an email regarding Myspace landed in my inbox earlier this week with a live performance by MS MR. I had long thought of Myspace as dead and firmly in the past but it looks like they are trying to make a go of it again. Their newest endeavor is a series of exclusive studio performances shot at The Log Cabin in New York City. MS MR laid claim to the inaugural performance which can be viewed here. Unfortunately Myspace doesn't seem to want to let us directly embed the video. While the video does a good job of capturing dialogue and giving the performance quite a bit of personality, I don't think it does MS MR justice. Although, this might just be me being Jaded after catching them in Leeds two weeks back. Still worth checking out though!

Say Lou Lou - "Julian" (The Chainsmokers Remix)

We have started to latch onto a few artists here over at Bochi Crew and The Chainsmokers are one of them. I think the others are pretty obvious too but if you haven't caught on we absolutely love Mary Cassidy & Jon Lawless, Trails and Ways,Tree, and Bells Atlas. Moving forward from our love affairs, The Chainsmokers have dropped another thumpin' revamp with Say Lou Lou's "Julian." In my last write-up on I lamented over the loss of my headphones which saw there demise at the hands of The Chainsmokers, "Medicine" remix. If these remixes keep on coming I fear that my ears might follow suit as The Chainsmokers are certainly a duo that gets better with volume. Some words from the duo and tunes follow below.

"So Play it at a nice level, cause it'll make you feel like doing something, maybe not dancing, but something special... In our eyes not to sound cheesy, it doesnt matter if you like Mumford, or W&W this song creates a feeling that ho…

Crystal Fighters - "LA Calling" [MP3]

Leak by leak Cave Rave is starting to come together. The most recent that graces us is a tidy little tune called, "LA Calling." I have found by self a bit more partial to the other leaks from Cave Rave, but all indications still point to a strong forthcoming release. Mark the calender for the May 27th release.

Live at Leeds 2013 [Review]

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For only ₤22.50, Live at Leeds has to be one of the cheapest prominent music festivals out there. Combined with a stellar line-up and an absence of ques, LAL makes for a pleasant and low key weekend festival. A few complaints aside, it made for one of the more memorable weekends of the past year.

Georgia Thursting I began the day at A Nation of Shopkeepers not really knowing what to expect. I had heard a track or two of Georgia Thursting, the Leeds College of Music standout, but was not sure how it would translate to the stage. The gig was intimate, filled with a wide-variety of age groups, though a significant portion of the audience seemed to be fellow students at the university. Thursting, a specimen of modesty, spoke few words between songs, and quiet words at that. This first gig gave me a glimpse of the painful feeling of a show being cut too short that I would continue to feel throughout the day. Thirty minutes was not nearly enough time spen…

Postcards XII - The Super Bundle

Admittedly the Postcards feature has sort of derailed over the past month. The original idea was to showcase the top three submissions for a given week. However, as Bochi Crew continues to gain wider-spread readership, the quality and quantity of submissions have increased. I have been wrapping up finals over the past two weeks and then there was the Live At Leeds festival this past weekend. If I haven't returned your emails over the past couple weeks I apologize and hope you are reading this now! This week's Postcard will be purely music with no text and will showcase far more than three submissions. Hope y'all enjoy! I will be back stateside in a matter of days and should have much much much more time to dedicate to the blog. Look for some new contributors too in the near future!

Little Town by Air Marshal Landing

Trails and Ways Announces National Tour Dates!!


Phoenix - "Trying To Be Cool" (The Chainsmokers Remix)

I managed to blow out another pair of headphones this weekend, this time around to The Chainsmokers remix of Daughter's"Medicine." The safety of yet another pair is called into question with their latest rehash. This time around the duo have gotten their hands on the stems of "Trying To Be Cool" from Phoenix . Ever the outspoken duo, these two artfully blend bangers with hilarious bits of bio: "The Chainsmokers are a production/DJ duo that consist of Alex and Drew based out of NYC. The two think Khaleesi from Game of Thrones should have her own show and love love girls in Yoga pants. Aside from that, their last remix of Daughter's 'Medicine' went #1 on Hype, which would be their second remix to achieve the mark. Additionally, the two will be headlining Marquee Day Club in Las Vegas on June 7th. They would also like to point out that Drew uses the word Gay, in the old english definition of the word, meaning happy and Alex is afraid of Jell…

Le Youth - "Dance with Me" [MP3 + Free Download]

If you have been patrolling the blogosphere, even just a little bit, chances are you have heard a track from Le Youth. Wes James has harnessed, one of the most unique and recognizable sounds of any producer out there (I throw The Chainsmokers and Sound Remedy in the same group). We received two great bits of news from Le Youth yesterday: 1) expect a July 2nd EP release titled after "C O O L." Grab the credit card, and pre-order away. 2) Secondly, "Dance With Me" is now FREE via Le Youth Facebook page!


If you are in the mood for longer mix, say thirty minutes, check out the playlist Le Youth curated for Solé Bicycles. In addition to putting together jaw-dropping bikes, the folks over at Solé get some of the most noteworthy producers to put together what they call the Solé Fixtape. Past curators include RAC, Goldroom, and most recently Classixx. As track season is picking up I have been throwing on a Solé Fixtape and dubbing it over races on streaming on …