Phoenix - "Trying To Be Cool" (The Chainsmokers Remix)

I managed to blow out another pair of headphones this weekend, this time around to The Chainsmokers remix of Daughter's "Medicine." The safety of yet another pair is called into question with their latest rehash. This time around the duo have gotten their hands on the stems of "Trying To Be Cool" from Phoenix . Ever the outspoken duo, these two artfully blend bangers with hilarious bits of bio:
"The Chainsmokers are a production/DJ duo that consist of Alex and Drew based out of NYC. The two think Khaleesi from Game of Thrones should have her own show and love love girls in Yoga pants. Aside from that, their last remix of Daughter's 'Medicine' went #1 on Hype, which would be their second remix to achieve the mark. Additionally, the two will be headlining Marquee Day Club in Las Vegas on June 7th. They would also like to point out that Drew uses the word Gay, in the old english definition of the word, meaning happy and Alex is afraid of Jello, he just doesn't get it... and the two's insane competition between the two is leading to a big war that will take place at a party of theirs soon so pick your side #TeamALEX or #TeamDREW"
Come on, I mean who writes such a delicious collection of random, rather useless facts. It works though! If you want some more here are five fun facts included in the fine print of the "Trying To Be Cool" soundcloud page.


1) A Pigs orgasm can last up to 30 minutes
2) Some lions mate over 50 times a day
3) We still rather be pigs, cause its quality over quantity
4) You should know Drew wears sketchers #teamALEX
5) Alex still thinks Amanda Bynes can make a comeback #TeamDREW

I cannot say I have picked sides yet in the whole TeamALEX/ TeamDREW debacle, but I say Alex makes a fair point regarding Amanda Bynes. But hey I might just be partial, I'm not afraid to admit that my friends and I snuck in countless viewings of She's the Man and What I Like About You during 7th grade. Anyways, Amanda Bynes aside, the turn on "Trying To Be Cool" is absolutely dancable.


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