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Boys Get Hurt

One of Bochi Crew's first posts highlighted the talented Hannah Georgas and her track "Enemies." Over the summer my speakers were bumping "Enemies" nearly everyday when I returned home from work. Boys Get Hurt are a duo based out of Tokyo set on recapturing the fleeting days of summer. Supposedly they have thrown some sick dance parties in Tokyo called "Summer House." Great tune.


Like Boys Get Hurt, Cleindl hails from Tokyo. A friend of mine actually went to high school and is good friends with Cleindl. Hardly a track meet went by last spring where Cleindl's remix of "People Help the People" wasn't on the pre-race playlist. Posted below is his most recent release, "Hold Me Close" as well as a rework of Chris Brown's "Don't Wake Me Up."


Philadelphia's LAKIM makes some drastic changes to A$AP's "Long Live A$AP," with great results. LAKIM's rework is as laid-back as A$AP is confident. Also check out Lakim's accomplished collection of beats on his soundcloud.


  1. Check out newcomer Kat Dahlia! She has a great sound

  2. Just took a listen to Kat Dahlia, sick song warranting a post. Thanks for the heads up!


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