Elaquent - "The Journey" [MP3]

Hey everyone so this is my first post for Bochi Crew! I recently relocated to Bangalore for the summer and I am going through pretty severe culture shock; I am from rural New Hampshire, go to school in Iowa, and simply put, being in a city of 8.4 million people is overwhelming. The sights, smells, hustle and bustle stretch my sensory capabilities, and I don’t think I was really prepared for seeing raw sewage on the streets, roving packs of stray dogs, and crazed rickshaw drivers who ruthlessly pursue any opening- real or imagined.

"The Journey" is a laid-back instrumental by Elaquent, a perfect summer track for just kicking back and hanging out. It has been the perfect track to help me relax and distress in hot summer nights in India.
-The Ginger Rafiki


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