Catching Up with Georgia Thursting [Interview]

If you got around to reading my Live at Leeds 2013 Review you know I have become a huge Georgia Thursting fan as of late. Fellow writer Howard Jones generously interviewed Georgia Thursting for me after her LAL gig. Big thanks to Howard and Georgia for doing the interview!

A standout at the Leeds College of Music, Thursting drew a fantastic crowd to the intimate venue. It appeared that her peers recognized her talent as well with a solid throng of uni students making their way past the wristband checkers. Thursting acknowledges this:
"My fellow students, I think, thought it was really cool and lots of people saying ‘good luck for live at leeds and because we are all musicians we can all understand what it would mean to each other to get opportunities like this and we all support each quite well."
With the excellent turnout and support readily apparent Thursting went into her second show of the day pretty thrilled albeit justifiably tired. Playing two sets on Saturday, she had the option to offer her followers two distinctly different shows, an electric one at A Nation of Shopkeepers and a purely acoustic set at the Trinity Cinema. Thursting's brilliant vocals have even landed her on the stage of The Voice in front of a televised audience.

She recalls, "It was the scariest thing I’ve ever done. I think you can tell in my performance. If you know and if you’ve seen me gig and really get into it then you can tell I was so scared!" Certainly understandable that Thursting, a specimen of modesty, likes to avoid the limelight. In between songs she spoke few words and quiet words at that. "The Voice UK was something I did as they scouted me for it. Before I did it, I did not really agree with talent shows and what they stood for. But I think it was blessing as so many people found me after watching it and liked what I did." It is difficult not to be captivated by her voice that engrosses the whole room. In many ways her quiet demeanor adds to the performance as she tackles sex, seduction, and love.
It is one of the only things we write about and I have been through a lot of different relationships and flings with people so sometimes they are sometimes about me but not always completely about me. I see other people in these situations and still write in the first person as it is more personal and easiest to do even if the situation is not directly about me.
Thursting appears poised to take off and rightly so. She has loads of gigging lined up and the recording of a debut EP Outta My Head. "I have got horns, backing singers and a really tight rhythm section. I can’t wait to do that. The songs are my soundcloud are all acoustic versions of my songs and the EP will be really big full band kinda pop soul sound with the odd bits of subtly where I bring my voice to the forefront." Expect a lot from this one and if you ever find yourself in Leeds catch her every Friday night at The Rock Bar Ibiza on Call Lane.


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