Sorcha Richardson - "Last Train" [MP3]

Friday night saw me at a Crystal Fighters and Alpine concert while Saturday and Sunday saw me fishing by kayak at Merrill lake at the foot of Mount St. Helens. Since moving to Portland for the summer I have to say I have nothing to complain about. I moved out here to live with extended family and for work with a group working to ensure that the forests and watersheds surrounding Mt. Hood stay intact. The music scene out here is unbelievable as I was told time and time again, I didn't believe them though until I got here. Needing to recuperate from an eventful weekend, I settled down with the newest from Sorcha Richardson, "Last Train."

Richardson's Sleep Will Set Me Free was a standout EP from 2012 and one that received a thumbs up from the toughest of critics, my dad. "Last Train" begins with a haunting line: "Concrete gets so cold right before it breaks your bones." Taken alone the words do not amount to much but passing through Richardson's lips, backed by melancholy guitar, they take on a despairing, ethereal air. Whatever tone setting she is using for her guitar parallels her voice beautifully. Her new EP, also titled Last Train, is set to launch this Saturday. "Last Train" gets a bit of zip and brightness towards the end, more than normal for Richardson. Hopefully this is an indication that Last Train will boast a dynamic sound and something a bit different from Sleep Will Set me Free.


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