Ciara Friday

For no other reason than I just really am feeling Ciara remixes right now I proclaim today Ciara Friday. Though I can't say I have given much of attention to Ciara since Middle School dances where "1,2 Step" was THE song to get down to. This morning, well afternoon now, I have been particularly enamored with remixes of "Body Party." I came across Sliink X Nadus Jersey Club remix through the related tracks feature of soundcloud and the great search began from there. I would love for Le Youth to rehash "Body Party" as I think he could do a tremendous job with it. In addition to the Sliink X Nadus Jersey Shore remix enjoy the Figgy Remix as well as a remix from a friend of a friend, Tokyo-based Cleindl. These tracks are best served cold. 20 minute prep time and then bliss.


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