Postcards XV

The postcard featured above comes from a talented Denver-based artist. The winner for our signed Olafur Arnalds giveaway won with a submission of another card by the same artist. The above is my personal favorite but many more can be found here on Mountains versus Plains!

The aim of the Postcards feature is to promote the best music that we have received in the past week in one post. Each Postcard gives a glimpse of different set of genres and artists form different pockets of the globe. The list will be capped at four, allowing for a more in-depth look at each featured artist. If you want to be featured on Postcards send Bochi Crew your music at and follow us @BochiCrew.

Colo Colo

Bare with me here in case my info on COLO COLO is not spot-on, the press release is in French. OMG OMG OMG. That is what I am left with in trying to get across my enthusiasm for "Follow Me Down" from Colo Colo. I had some work to do earlier this afternoon and the song I listened to was "Follow Me Down" for about an hour. Distinguishable vocals mesh pleasantly with upbeat instrumentals to find what could be an anthem of summer 2013. Around 2:24 COLO COLO bring it down, making the listener think the ride is through, thankfully it is a false ending and it picks right back up. COLO COLO is the side project of Martin Duru and Jean-Sébastien Nouveau. The duo's name is derived from the principal Chilean soccer club but also from the wild feline which calls the land between Ecuador and Patagonia home. This duo is the one to watch.

Cajoline & Holic

The Parisians, Cajoline are back, this time with Holic, for their newest, "Timeless Dream." Boasting more of the infectious nu-disco vibes, "Timeless Dream" is sure to make the most dance-challenged into instant dancers with moves as smooth as the pulsating synths. Cajoline is another repeat offender for solid solid tunes that continue to make our postcards feature. "Timeless Dream" is a great example of a band commencing with buckets of energy but still managing to build upon it, both within the song and from release to release. Summon the courage, just play it loud and get to dancing.


True to the aim of the postcards feature, to promote artists from a variety background and locations, our last track for the post come from the Swedish rapper, Dida. He makes beautiful work of sampling LVLF's, "Beloved" in "Don't Go", which is a fantastic song in its own right. It proved difficult to find much more about Dida other than this short message under the track, "We are growing apart, but at least we are growing." If you want more Dida check out his mixtape, "Heavy Is The Head That Wears The Crown".

Astronauts, etc

Another repeat artist on Postcards has been Astronauts, etc. Berkeley-based Anthony Ferraro has continues to pour them out over the past few months. I tremendously enjoy how "Sadie" begins. The electric drums drop at precisely the right moment. Though I am partial to "Cold Boy," Ferraro's newest still makes for a good listen.


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