Trails and Ways - "Como Te Vas" [MP3]

It's a dreamy Spanish pop tune, made from circling vocal chants and wavering tides of synths. Inspired by Emma's last days before leaving Spain, cold-water dives from jagged rocks, a coastline in the grip of early summer, and a lover asking "Como te vas?"--"How are you leaving?"--until the question becomes its own answer: "This is how you're going".
-Ian from Trails and Ways
For those of you who celebrated Christmas as a kid, do you remember that feeling of giddy anticipation as you held your biggest present, wondering what it held as you were about to tear into it? Well that is about how I feel whenever an email from Trails and Ways lands in my inbox. The Oakland group's newest, "Como Te Vas" is downright infectious and packs a blissful punch. The track serves as the leading single for the upcoming June 11th release of their EP, Trilingual. The five track EP will be released on the community-based Oakland label, Non•Market Records and will include Como Te Vas, Nunca, Tereza, Border Crosser, and Mtn Tune. In honor of the release, they will be sweeping the country and select portions of Canada. Check out the tour dates in our earlier post or through the Trails and Ways website! Summer is certainly upon us with this one.


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