The Chainsmokers Summer Mix

I feel extremely blessed right now, albeit for the smallest thing, free public wi-fi. Nearly every time I have traveled over the last four months I have faced some sort of tiresome delay at the airport or train station. Today finds me serving time at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas. It is taking all of my will power not to hit the slot machines, especially given the fact that I tend to miraculously come out ahead whenever I gamble. Making the wait manageable has been the mix that The Chainsmokers put together for Bochi Crew.

We have posted just about every remix from The Chainsmokers that has come our way, it is pretty clear we are big fans. The New York City duo graciously agreed to put a mix together for Bochi Crew as well some brief rationale behind the selection of each track. This will kick off what we hope will become a regular feature of curated playlists by other artists. Get out the lawn chair, maybe some lemonade, and kick back to the mix.

1 . Fatboy Slim – Praise You (Maribou State Remix)
Beautiful take on a classic song, Maribou State has continually nailed this dream landscape of music they create with ever remix.

2. Joy Orbinson – Donell
Who Doesn’t love a little classic RnB crushed down… this Song has all those good sexy RnB vibes, which are amplified by its chopped and scrwed mix.

3. Golden Girls – Kinetic (Jeremy Olander Remix)
Besides Eric Prydz no one creates layer upon layer of music that blends so seamlessly, his songs sparkle like a flashlight being shone into a cave full of crystal….

4. Mount Kimbie – Made to Stray
Songs are meant to be journey’s with emotional worth, and Mount Kimble does that with this song to perfection. By the time this song is done you have traveled around the world.

5. Sander Van Doorn – Neon
Sander is a Veteran and Captain in house music but we love him because you never know what to expect with his productions, other than perfection. This song takes Sander’s signature crisp proction and melodic strengths to new heights…

6. Active Child – Evening Ceremony
We came across this song randomly but the vocal in this song resonates to the bone, sending chilling phonic sensations all around…

7. Touch, Go - Gotta Have U (Original Mix)
There is an area in deep house and nu-disco that when touched on correctly create music that is bouncy yet maintains its bass integrity. This song is one of those songs…

8. Fehrplay – Phantom
Earlier in the mix I incluced a song by Jeremy Olander, if there was one other artists in a similar vain of equal brilliance its Fehrplay… The song will speak for itself…

9. The Naked And Famous Vs Kids Of 88 - A Source of Light
There are three main keys to any song, melody, vocals, and mixing… this song has them all, but has this brilliant calmness maintained throughout it.

10. Niagara – Seal
Sometimes we just need to feel like we are sittng on the edge of a dock far out in the pacific ocean…

11. Magic Man- Nova Scotia
And other times we feel like we need some Nordic sparkle rock pop… this is a new tune we discovered that shines bright….


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