YADi - "Guillotine" (Demo Version)

I am going to come right out and say it, YADi is my favorite female vocalist. She has crept into my playlists more and more over the past couple of months. YADi has a mystique that reflects itself in her music. The melange of styles and instruments mirror her varied ancestry, Algerian, Italian, and Norwegian blood course through her veins. Just take a look at the instruments she uses, an oud and qraqibs mixed with plenty of electronic elements at times.

I always noticed that the cover art for the Mo Laudi remix of "Unbreakable" looked oddly familiar. It took me until watching the video for "The Blow" to realize it was the Hassan II mosque in Casablanca. It's weird watching the video and seeing places I had been just last weekend. The fact that YADi went to Morocco to film the video expanded the soft spot I have in my heart for the British diva. In addition to the stunning cinematics, YADi spends considerable time making sure her cover art is up to par. A combination of watercolors, pen, and ink imagery result in sultry album art. Not to mention that YADi is absolutely stunning herself. YADi exudes strength through each measure and even more so in her videos. The live session below encapsulates many of her strengths

"Guillotine," though two years old, saw a re-release three days ago as a demo and was featured in a trailer for "Once Upon a Time". The ferocity of the lyrics, "I don't need blue blood running through my veins/ because like a queen, like a queen I can make you say you love me," stick with me. The reworked "Guillotine" has been making the rounds through the blogosphere as it should. Keep the gaze turned on YADi in the coming months.

If you will be making it out to Live at Leeds in the coming weeks make a point to see YADi. Catch her May 4th, 14:00 at The Faversham. I'm counting down the days now to what should be a great show. For those that can't get enough until then I included another old gem, "Gold." Don't be afraid to turn back to 'Unbreakable" either.


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