Postcards VII

One of the benefits of wintering in Morocco has been that I have avoided the recent re-glaciation of the Midwest. In hope of bringing some warmth to my friends back home and whoever else may be feeling the chill, I put together a mix of tropical, comfy, and dancable tracks for this week's postcard. If the songs themselves don't warm you up maybe the inevitable dancing that follows will. Hunker down with this weeks top three, make a fire, maybe even enjoy some Irish coffee, and glide into motion. Happy listening, stay warm my friends.

Erol Sabadosh

First off, I love Rihanna. I still consider the first time I saw the video for "We Found Love" to be one of my most formative moments in the last couple of years. Anything Rihanna nowadays catches my attention, and accordingly Erol Sabadosh's retake on "Stay" which shot straight to number one on Hypem held my gaze. When Erol contacted me I felt hesitant to re-post "Stay" as I try avoid redundancy. Paging through Erol's soundcloud I came across his rework of "Diamonds" and knew I had a song to post. In addition to solid remixing, the London producer compiles some great mixes to be found here. Put this track on for the necessary motivation to throw off the warm bed sheets in the morning.

Mina Knock ft. Katie McCabe

The soulful vocals of Katie McCabe meet the verses of Mina Knock in the track "I Need You." Sure to make anyone's heart melt, Knock and McCabe weave together a tender song of longing with "I Need You". Mina Knock has put together a solid offering over the past year. Most notable his EP, The Door Must Be Closed At All Times which you can scoop for free. Put on "I Need You" after you've run through your daily tasks and enjoy a warm siesta. Might not be a bad time to start sipping that Irish Coffee either.

YADi ft. Baaba Maal and The Very Best

Get moving again with a new offering from YADi and Baaba Maal. As far as the world music scene is concerned, Baaba Maal is one of my absolute favorites. "Unbreakable" brings together the vibrant sounds of Maal with the electricity of YADi (see "Blow"). The first minute or two of "Unbreakable" may require some patience but the drop more than makes up for it. If you were a fan of "Love Is All I Got" by the Crystal Fighters or anything Crystal Fighters for that matter you will be sure to find a favorite in "Unbreakable." I am at a loss for the names of all the instruments we hear, but the Bongo drums together with the rounded guitar tones scream vibrancy. "Unbreakable" harnesses the ephemeral feeling of immortality that always creep in during the closing moments of a Saturday night. Recapture the summer nights spent under the trellis, dancing the night into the dawn.

"Unbreakable" - YADi ft. Baaba Maal and The Very Best


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