Conclave et Club Clique

Photo Credit: Conclave


Conclave has one of the most succinct bios I have ever received. Take a look for yourself, it is cleaved into two simple sentences: "I make soundscapes. Guest artists navigate their way through them. like a labyrinth of thoughts and experiences. a seamless pattern meant to be deciphered. From where im from doesnt fucking matter. what matters is you making a connection with my music." and "23 year old beatsmith from the land of the thousand islands." The land of the thousand islands being the Philippines. Another highlight to Conclave submissions are the stunning pictures that accompany the tracks, look at the above picture if you don't believe me. You can download "The Lights Are On" from his bandcamp. I am going to sit back and let "The Lights Are On" spin a few times.

Club Clique

Cat Power's, "Manhattan" has seen its host of remixes, most notably the Ryan Hemsworth and Angel Haze rehash. Club Clique has a bit more invested in the remix than most however, utilizing the track as a love letter from their native Manchester to Manhattan. Additionally, they write, "This remix is inspired, in part, by the time LCD Soundsystem came along unannounced after the last date of their final UK tour, to DJ our clubnight, playing the most obscure and incredible electronic disco tracks we'd ever heard." Luckily for us, Club Clique has gone a bit further than most, going as far to release an accompanying remixed video.


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