Postcards VI Addendum

A short addendum to Postcards VI (get your fix here if you haven't checked it). After returning home this afternoon I found Ryan Hemsworth's remix of Cat Power's "Manhattan" ft. Angel Haze sitting in my inbox. I have already been through "Manhattan" five times now and sure to be more by the time I finish this post. I am making a not-so-bold prediction that this track is going straight to the top. There are just too many things working in its favor - Cat Power, Angel Haze, Ryan Hemsworth, a mellow vibe, and it goes on and on. This rework actually reminds me a lot of the brilliant Cillo's take on "Yellow Light" by Of Monsters and Men. If you didn't catch Bochi's post on that rework revisit it for a chilled cool-down listen after "Manhattan." Honestly, I don't know what else to write, it is a breathtaking rework, simple as that. Out of fear of unnecessarily cluttering the post I think I will leave it at that. Sometimes its best to just let the track play and play and play...


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