Blue Boats Take 2

Back in early September I wrote about UK film producer-turned musician Oliver Gale, otherwise known as Blue Boats. Gale is back with the track "I Am the Only One." Similarly to "Summer's Down," "I Am the Only One" delivers the bright guitar and characteristic vocals of Gale. However, his new track is much more mellowed out and does not pick up in tone or tempo until the final moments. I continue to be impressed with the production quality of Blue Boat tracks. It just goes to show that an official studio isn't necessary to record and that a bedroom or basement will do just fine.

"I Am the Only One" also reminds me a lot of our last post featuring the Swedish group Postiljonen. Keep a lookout for both of these groups and head over to both groups Soundcloud's. On an unrelated note, I am not sure how I neglected to do this earlier but please contact Bochi Crew at with suggestions of new or old or any music whether you are an artist or just a fan of Bochi Crew.


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