Under Two Palms - "Under Two Palms"

Photo Courtsey Deviant Art

We're going to keep the nostalgia coming for now and what says nostalgia like fuzzy lo-fi. Today's track comes from Under Two Palms and can't help but draw a comparison to Neon Indian here. The track is self-pegged by Under Two Palms as #vaporwave which I can only hope gains some cache because I would love to throw around that term on a regular basis. The thing that got me into music blogging in the first place was finding out the absurd backstories that most groups seem to have. Unfortunately, Under Two Palms has done an excellent job staying under the radar so we'll have to leave it at that. Track comes via Cocaine Jesus which if ya want more of the same, you now know where to find it. Enjoy and give these guys some love!


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