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Fairy Pop. That's how Long Island's Noosa describes her sound. Her debut LP produced in collaboration with Mickey Valen, Wonderland certainly fits the bill and focuses on a desire for new beginnings and who knows, maybe even fairy tale endings.One of my favorite quotes, and one I have been coming back to recently, reads "Pain or love or danger makes you real again." This quip from Kerouac lends itself to Wonderland. Wonderland elaborates at length on the difficulties of departure.

The LP emerged out of Noosa's long-desired departure from New York and the accompanying unbridled optimism about what awaited her in the West. "Begin Again" and "Golden One" elude to inner-deliberations and struggles that accompany new beginnings. "Begin Again," the third track on the LP builds through a frenzy of keys and optimism: "I believe in storybook tells, If there’s no one telling me so, I’ve gotta go, I wanna wake up on a bed of flowers, Say hello to the creatures in the sky." However, on the following track, "Golden One," Noosa soberly croons "I should have known it was never safe to go." Leaving is never easy.

Wonderlarnd is a balancing act, between light and dark, fear and joy, settling and departure. Everything feels real yet utterly fantastical. The melancholy is lifted but the unreality accentuated on the closing track, "Sail." She weaves a beautiful gossamer making reality present but just a little too obscure to grasp. As Noosa says, "Time is Broken."


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