Marie Lalá - "Without You"

Today's featured artist is the intrepid Marie Lalá. Find below the press release from Birds Will Sing For You, a label and promotion group dedicated to the Swedish indie scene. Lalá's story seems too far fetched to be real, but rest assured it is.

"Marie Lalá has traveled far on her way to her first album: from growing up in safe Blekinge, Sweden, with a life revolving around everything that included horses, to extensive travels around the globe, working periods in Tokyo, a new found love for mountain climbing in Thailand which turned into performances as an aerial acrobat with a circus at the world renowned Glastonbury Festival in the UK and months on tour in China. Marie Lalá had been everywhere and done it all – except being a music performer!

Music was a late love for Marie and came into her life by true coincidence. She was worried that an entrance exam to the The university of dance and circus in Stockholm would include musical features, and that fear led to her first ever vocal lesson. That was where it happened – and there’s been no turning back since! To finance her new found dream Marie educated herself in rope access and got employed as offshore climber in Norway. Marie climbed astonishing oil platform rigs in a stormy Northern Sea, but in her head she nurtured the dream of her first own album.

By 2011 Marie did her first recordings that turned into her debut EP – an EP acknowledged by national Swedish TV amongst others. Hot of the wheels she turned directly to begin the recordings you know hold in your hand. The album was a dream project – all ideas should and have been tested. Every thought should and have been synchronized down to a single piece of art. And in October 2012 it finally happened: Marie quit her day job and put all her force into completing the album.

The studio sessions became an expressive record. “Surrender My Soul” is stretching over genres both music and lyric wise. Inspiration is found in Tantric courses with stories of destructivity, nerve damage, lifelong friendship and real true happiness. The last song on the album, “Deep Dark Blue”, really paints the picture – on the floor in the studio we find Marie singing, hypnotized, and in a state of total being.

Marie Lalá’s debut album ”Surrender My Soul” is out on May 15th."


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