Oh, Nostalgia

Photo Credit: Skateboarder Magazine

The bands we all grew up listening to are now more often than not cemented firmly in the past. However, that doesn't mean they aren't relevant anymore. Some of the bands I grew up listening to can still capture a feeling I may have better than any contemporary group. Additionally, more often than not an old song has memories of significant events if not significant periods attached to it. Currently I am powering through a job search while blasting Saves the Day. With the driven power chords, crashing symbols and angst filled vocals of Chris Conley, I find myself wading through memories of late elementary school and early middle school. It was hard not to feel a connection to the group during middle school especially with songs like "Freakish," exactly how every one feels during those dreadful years. Luckily the angst filled past is behind me and my general associations with Saves the Day are largely positive. Mainly just bringing the boom box out to the street and skating with friends on the ramps we built.

Brian Sumner's part in Adio's One Step Beyond, set to "Holly Hox Forget Me Not," still stands as some of the best footage from one of the best skate vids. Second to that is Ryan Bobier's part featuring "Tomorrow" by the Blockheads. In a perfect world I would be a music blogger and a pro skater. Lo and behold that isn't going to happen any time soon and I have to settle by living vicariously through skate footage. The closest I will get is through Chris Haslam's legendary segment in Almost Round Three, if I could only count the number of times my friends I watched this. His segment throws it back as well to "My Favorite Game" by the Cardigans. If anyone needs me I will be lost in the past for awhile cycling through the old favorites, yearning for a brief return back to the days when the only thing that mattered was who my favorite skater was and when the next trip to the skate park would be.

Saves the Day - "Holly Hox Forget Me Not"

the Blockheads - "Tomorrow"

The Cardigans - "My Favorite Game"


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