Saint Valentine

So.... sort of forgot it was Valentines Day today when I posted earlier. Not sure how I managed it especially given that I went in on a secret santa Valentines Day with some friends. I know y'all don't want to read a long-winded explanation of what love means, but what you might want to hear is Miguel and Trails and Ways. I cannot think of two better songs right now to celebrate the red holiday. Miguel's "Do You" strikes the classic, slow romance jam not to mention the lovin' in the accompanying video. "Sure Thing" traces its roots back to Miguel but Trails and Ways gives it their own lyrical stamp. Perhaps some of the most inventive ways of saying "I'm Yours. I'll be there for you." I mean, come on just look at this opening verse:
"If you be the Marx,
I’ll be your Engels, babe.
If you be the plot, I can be your ruse, boom.
union baby I could be your dues.
If I’m in prison baby you’re my tunnel loose."
Get these tracks going before and after the dinner date. Happy Valentines day, take it all in!


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