Purity Ring - "Grammy"

Spent last night re-watching the ski flick, All I Can. One of the memorable segments of the film features Purity Ring's "Lofticries" to the backdrop of sheer,snow-clad mountains and powdery descents. For all those looking for a means of procrastination, All I Can makes for an enjoyable time suck, sure to take you away from whatever you are doing. Great skiing, great music (features LCD Soundsystem as well) and worth some of the money in your wallet. Anyways, I have already lost the point of today's post. Purity Ring just dropped a cover of Soulja Boy's "Grammy." If you feel this track search out Swedish duo jj's transformations of Lil' Wayne and the recycling of some T.I. lyrics. Snatch those here and here). Infectious, 'nough said.

Purity Ring - "Grammy"


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