Postcards VIII

An opening disclaimer: All the creative juice has been sucked from my soul over the couple of days, and I have not felt particularly inclined to write much. I think this is owed to my exiting from the honey moon phase of my experiences in Morocco as I am realizing that the cultural differences are rather profound. Might also be owed to some nostalgic moments looking towards home while listening to my favorite childhood bands, Sum 41 and Blink 182. I have to say I have never loved these bands more than right now. With all of this said, the write-ups will be a bit shorter this week owing to my dearth of energy. The best submissions for this past week include The Underachievers, Eeleye, and An Escape Plan.

The Underachievers

Part of the Beast Coast movement, the Underachievers have enjoyed some recent success with "The Madhi" and their signing with the cross-coast Flying Lotus label. Part of the 17-track mixtape, Indigioism, "The Madhi" surprisingly is not a standalone track. Indigioism boasts a number of other heavy hitters such as "Land of Lords," "My Prism," and "Philanthropist." The Underachievers spit it hard and quick. It took a few times through Indigioism to hone in on one track to post. "Gold Soul Theory" promotes dank beats and better rhymes. Look to these guys in addition to the Beast Coast movement in the coming months.

The Underachievers - "Gold Soul Theory" (prod. Rich Flyer)


On deck we have a remix of Churchill's "Change" by London producer Eeleye. Unfortunately I was not able to find out all that much about Eeleye so I can't say much more than that he puts together a good remix. Denver's Churchill recently released their EP The Change EP on A&M/Octone. Additionally, Churchill announced yesterday that they will be in the studio with the Killer's producer Brendan O'Brien. A big and well deserved opportunity for the Denver group. Eeleye's remix strips away the blue grass and twang from the original as well as slowing it down substantially. The product is more reminiscent of R & B than the mountain folk it started as. Eeleye's take on "Change," emerges as more of a standalone piece than remix. Free download swag on the original.

An Escape Plan

An Escape Plan recently garnered some buzz when their track "Living Together" featured as the leading track in an Ikea commercial (directed by Adam Berg). The Living Together - EP saw its release on January 18th. "Living Together" is an inventive folk retake on the Bee Gees' track of the same name. If you like Sea Wolf, An Escape Plan is for you. All I can say for the video is that that is a sick pad and some organization. Hope y'all enjoyed this weeks submissions.

An Escape Plan - "Living Together"


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