Postcards IX


The grittiness and simplicity of Tree is what gets me. This isn't to say however that Tree is unpolished or basic. What I am getting at is there aren't any excesses in their music. Tree's new release Splitting Branches reflects a deliberateness applied to every aspect of their sound. I enjoy the rough around the edge quality that accents Nickell's voice and artful verse recitation. Go listen to "Pieces of What" by MGMT after Tree if you don't get what I am talking about.

Now for some background. Tree is the moniker of 19 year old bay artist, Oliver Nickell. Showing some ambition Nickell put together Tree Collaborations, a rotating art collective based out of San Francisco. Tree Collaborations bridges the fields of music, art, film, animation, and even fashion. Hit up their website. A testament to the the collectives creativity is the music video for "Tully" below. In the future look for a Splitting Branches remix compilation. Additionally, the debut EP will drop in April containing an undisclosed cover of one of Tree's favorite groups. In the meantime, Splitting Branches will be looping here at Bochi as I am sure it will be for a lot of you. We have a lot to look forward to from Tree and his collective.

Astronauts, Etc.

Astronauts, Etc. has returned with a new original titled "Sideswiped." Supermelodic Pulp was the last we heard from Astronauts (with the exception of a few recent covers) and marked one of the more significant releases of the fall. The EP contained "You Can Yell" and "Mystery Colors," which both deservedly received solid coverage in the blogosphere. 22 year old Berkeley student Anthony Ferraro is the man behind Astronauts, Etc. In addition to Astronauts, Ferraro is a part of The Lawlands and Ash Reiter. In customary fashion Ferraro released an accompanying video that compliments the single extremely well. The calming cityscape of San Francisco meshes well with the Ferraro's voice. A haunting, brilliant single from Astronauts, Etc. that expands on his already impressive repertoire.

The West

The West delivers an uplifting tune with "Wild Hearts." The West are comprised of a strong front-woman and as band member Brandon Leslie says, "a few guys to balance out the mix." The chorus of "Wild Hearts" boasts a catchy hook that proves difficult to resist mouthing along. The West have recently released a self-titled EP and have a video with director Danny Iglesias (The Neighbourhood) lined up for the summer. In a scene and genre where it becomes difficult to distinguish one indie group from another, The West firmly establish themselves through thoughtful songwriting and a bit of infectious twang.


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