Want to dance? So do we. I was lucky enough to catch Moroccan-Dutch DJ, R3hab at Theatro in Marrakech last night. Needless to say a killer club and a killer show that left me plenty sore. If you haven't heard of R3hab check out his set at Tomorrowland and a clip from a recent Panama City show. When I got home I found Cajoline's infectious remix of Autostrada's "You and I" sitting in my inbox. Cajoline's remix has got me pushing through the soreness and movin'. The summer feels a little bit closer, and the night a little longer with "You and I." Lastly, being the group that they are, Cajoline recently put together a mix to appease the appetite of those wanting more. For good measure I am throwing in a bonus track I found in a mix put together by Kajko that also featured Cajoline.


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