Autre Ne Veut /// Mykki Blanco

The new year brings in new living arrangements. Tomorrow afternoon I leave for Rabat, Morocco for the next couple of months. Unfortunately, with the move I may not have the resources nor the time to keep updating BC on a regular basis. I will aim for a weekly post and additional posts when I can.

Don't really know what to classify Autre Ne Veut as but for now let's call them ambient, electric, and soulful. The emotion-laden vocals of Arthur Ashin express his deep-held fears about losing his grandmother. Perhaps the most universally shared and understood bond of family is what makes this yearning tune so relatable. Everyone has lost a grandparent and understands that gut-wrenching sensation. "Counting" expresses Ashin's fear of calling his grandmother as he believes that each time could be his last. After every listen Ashin's voice continues to reverberate with the verses of Mykki Blanco punctuating throughout. Most notable is the layering of Blanco's call of "I need you right now," over Ashin's falsetto. For an interesting read head over to Pitchfork for an interview with Autre Ne Veut. Note below the appropriately dark aforementioned video for "Counting" in addition to the track "Wavvy" from Mykki Blanco. If you are still looking for more, scoop Blanco's mixtape "Cosmic Angel: The Illuminati Prince/ss."

Autre Ne Veut ft. Mykki Blanco - "Counting"

Mykki Blanco - "Wavvy"


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