We are debuting a new feature on Bochi Crew titled "Postcards." The aim of the feature is to promote the best music that we have received in the past week in one post. The list will be capped at three, allowing for a more in-depth look at each featured artist. Kicking off the inaugural post will be Religion, the night, and Treasureseason.

Irresistible is the first word that comes to mind after hearing "Border Crossing" from the split-life living Swedish/English production duo. Boasting an inspiring repertoire on their bandcamp, Treasureseason constructs a dreamy and soundscape. The mellifluous vocals and lyrics of the song capture well what it must be like to hold a band together across the North Sea. The track ends with a question with no answer, "When can I call it my homeland?"

Next up is the night. Recently we have been receiving a lot of submissions from bands based down under in Australia (see Wilderness). Staying true to their reputation, the Aussies produce big with the track "Medicate Me" from the night. These guys strike a resemblance to Bright Eyes but with more grit. Hit up their new EP. It took me a few listens to get into these guys but the effort was worth it.

Closing us out we have Religion and their inventive take on Ellie Goulding with "Ellie." The group hails from L.A. and has showcased their knack for originals and remixes. "Ellie" takes a new, soft dub approach to "Lights," making for an laid-back listen. Religion finds a perfect balance, adding just enough elements and highlighting Goulding's vocals just enough.


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