Gallant - Ke$ha Rehash

On first listen I have to admit Gallant's take of Ke$ha's "Die Young" didn't have me. I opened it up again tonight, to see if maybe, just maybe it might sink in a bit more. Listened to it three times in a row and I can say it did. Certainly a darker take on the song, it forces you to slow down and re-evaluate the original. Personally, I am hit in a drastically different way by Gallant's retake than by ke$ha's. Neither good nor bad, merely unalike. The stripped away guitar with the far-off, silky vocals of Gallant adds more with each verse. Felix Snow and Gallant make for a talented duo. Mirroring the bare bones approach of the rehash, the video portrays a silhouette of Gallant performing against a white backdrop. Enjoy!


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