Rashid Hadee //// Out The Vault

Thanks go to Honest Management for making this post possible. Included today is the stream as well as download link (thanks to HM again) of Out the Vault from Rashid Hadee. Out the Vault is an amalgamation of unreleased tracks from Rashid. I hadn't heard Rashid prior to this release but have quickly been converted.

I generally find myself irritated by a lot of the rap I hear but the smooth, crafted backing beats and orchestration begged further listening. In addition to being a phenomenal beat smith, Rashid slays each track with his fiery tongue and lyricism. Out the Vault starts out swinging with "Gotta Rise" before landing consistent blows with "The Cost of Living" and "So Amazing" and finishing strong with "Hit the Hood."

Also noteworthy is Rashid's album Aural Sex: The Search for Pinky Tuscadero. His creativity comes across again but this time through the medium of film. Rashid and Honest Management put out an accompanying video for every song on the album, find them here and more info on Rashid here.

In case the bandcamp link does not work there are links below.

Gotta Rise
Stuck in Place
I'm the Man
The Cost of Living
So Amazing
Gettin Grown
Hit the Hood

Download it here


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