***Mark Kill***

I don't usually dabble in trap music or dub step of any kind (hard, soft, chill,...) but today the norm is being broken with producer Mark Kill. Originally hailing from Canada before settling in Hollywood by way of Orlando, Mark Kill strikes an interesting balance between trap and feel-good dance pop. (He has titled the combo as TrapPop). The seamless tempo changes brought me to the floor. It is such a unique take on Youngblood Hawk's "We Come Running." I don't understand how Mark has done it but the end product is something that doesn't remotely resemble the original product but brings so much more to the table. This would not be a bad track at all to just loop on Saturday night, it has a feeling of invincibility permeating throughout. I don't think Mark will make it out to Iowa but I hope to grab a live show at some point as his shows are marked by the unconventional combo of his backing tracks and live guitar. Mark also runs a pretty damn good website.


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