Grinnellevance.2 Davy and Peter Rothbart in Studio

As promised the weekly set list will be posted for Grinnellevance here on Bochi Crew. If you didn't get the last memo, KDIC 88.5 fm if you are in Grinnell, IA. If not stream it here. EVERY SUNDAY AFTERNOON 4 - 5 CENTRAL TIME.

This past Sunday we had the privilege of having both Davy and Peter Rothbart in studio for an interview. Davy and Peter are on a 79 city tour across the U.S. promoting Davy's new book "My Heart is an Idiot" in conjunction with FOUND Magazine's tenth anniversary and Peter's new CD, You Are What You Dream. For those unfamiliar with FOUND it is a fantastic collection of found notes, to-do-lists, letters, drawings, you name it that either Davy or fans have found. The amount of and ludicrous nature of the material in FOUND makes you wonder what the fuck Americans are thinking when they write this stuff down.

The hour passed all too quickly and had to be my favorite show that we have done this year. The Rothbart brothers provided a great interview and great company in the studio. Thanks to those guys again! I would highly highly suggest picking up a copy of "My Heart is an Idiot" (a collection of essays) and You Are What You Dream. I am reading Davy's book now and have already listened to Peter's CD several times. Check out the links below for more information on the Rothbarts and well as several episodes of This American Life featuring Davy:

Found Magazine
Peter Rothbart - You Are What You Dream
My Heart is an Idiot
This American Life

In addition to the interview we did that normal music thing. The list below isn't all we played but here is some of the stuff that we did: J Dilla, Hot Chip, Night Moves (huge fan of these guys), Taj Mahal, and Peter Rothbart. The last track by Peter Rothbart warrants some extra attention as it chronicles a FOUND letter about a man who has been in love with the same women at his coffee shop for the past ten years. He finally summoned the guts to write her a letter but unfortunately it never got there but we have this great song as a result. A smattering of genres so enjoy!

J Dilla - "So Far to Go"

Hot Chip - "Look At Where We Are"

Night Moves - "Headlights"

Taj Mahal - "Leaving Trunk"

Peter Rothbart - "The Baddest Nissan's in the Northwest


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