Recently generating a lot of noise, Vienna born/London based producer S O H N has entrapped me in his dark web. The track "Warnings" conjures up strong similarities between The Weeknd and S O H N. It is fitting that the line, "If it comes back to haunt us," figures prominently and repetitively in the song. Throughout the course of the days after first hearing S O H N, I often found myself on runs feeling helpless with the "The Wheel" running through my head, desperately wishing I could listen to the song. "The Wheel" also opens with one of the most chilling lines I have heard in a while: "I died a week ago/ There's nothing left/ It's caught on video/ The very last breath/ The very last breath." Delicate is the only word I can think of to describe his vocals and lyrics. As in "Warnings", verdant background instrumentation lulls the listener into a state devoid of reality in "The Wheel" and "Oscillate". Make sure to keep an eye out for the official release of "The Wheel" on Aesop November, 5. Happy listening.


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