As of late Bochi Crew has neglected the folk genre. Seattle proves the strength of its folk scene through and through with this weeks featured artist Kevin Large better known under his Moniker of Widower. The eloquent dips of the slide guitar, punching banjo rolls, and packed voice of Large create a driven ballad in the track "This Mess Again." I cannot help but be reminded of Cold Roses and Jacksonville City Nights by Ryan Adams with this track. "Lucky Bastard," marked by Large's slurred vocals bear more of a resemblance to "Upward Over the Mountain" by Iron & Wine. As far as I know, Widower is far from new and I am very surprised that he has not garnered more buzz (one of the drawbacks I guess of living in city saturated in folk music). "Oh Catherine, my Catherine," just dropped October 18th and can be found for name your price here. Widower's first EP is available here for only $5.


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