The Polish Ambassador is about as bizarre and ambitious as they come. Boasting an 8 hour plus discography (which he gives away for free at his website, the Polish Ambassador remixes and makes music across the genre spectrum. My personal favorite is his take on the West African track "Snimbe" by the group Tama. The Polish Ambassador's shows are marked by crazy mashing of every genre imaginable and are built from a huge collection of original drum, synth lines. I wish I could find something more about Tama but I did not come across much in all my searches.


  1. Djanuno's song Snimbe is all over the Internet mentioned as being from Mali, and not credited to him ... how come ? Listen to him tell about the background for this confusion, and first sing a bit of his song ... (Entire video 14 min with song) (Jump over song direct to Djanuno interview - En Français sous-titre en Anglais / English subtitles)


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