The Best You Will Hear for a Long Time

More Milwaukee music for ya. Nom De Rap is composed of Rory "Milo Calrissian" (gotta love the reference to Lando Calrissian"), Nick "Nicholas J," and Nick's brother, Andy "AD the Architect." Nom brings a refreshing vibe, smooth beats, and lyricism where it has been lost in the hip hop. Interestingly, all of their beats with the exception of "Top of the Morning" off their album Greatest Hits Vol. 1 come from the late producer Nujabes's soundtrack to Samurai Champloo. The lyricism of these guys is just outstanding, often philosophical, witty, and clever. "Life Lessons 101" is a more somber, introspective track but the backing beat with the rhymes is just too good. "Process" is more about keeping on keeping on. Additionally, an interview from a year ago with Radio Milwaukee is thrown in with the tracks (check the last track on the in-studio performance, "Rock a Breast Pocket and it's Still a Good Look"). Grab their album for free here


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