Farewell, Stars

Put the headphones on for this one, the crappy built in laptop speakers won't do. Message to Bears drops a low key key track with "Farewell, Stars." Jerome Alexander has a very similar sound to another great of instrumental post-rock, Olafur Arnalds. Fitting with the music, Alexander is known for his low-key CD releases. His first release, EP 1 quickly sold out as did his second, Departures which was packaged in a minimal brown paper bag and tied together with a string. "Farewell, Stars" comes from his newest album, Folding Leaves , released in January 2012. I especially enjoy the use of the birds in the background of "Farewell, Star." Discovered he had his own cover of "Wolves" by Phosphorescent so through that in for good measure too. Happy listening and take in the late afternoon rays with Jerome Alexander.


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