Latino Kicks

Have to say I have been blowing through Latin American artists as of late. This post brings in a variety of artists and a variety of styles ranging from folk to shoe gaze. Starters, Algodón Egipcio is a side project of Cheky from Jóvenes y Sexys. Perhaps best known for his prolific fro, Cheky hails from Caracas, Venezuela and continues to mesh together unique and memorable pieces. "La Espina del Cardenche" perhaps is the best representation. The next track is by Javiera Mena. Mena is a young artist hailing from Chile where she has enjoyed great success including honors at Sundance for the soundtrack of the award winning film "Young and Wild." The featured track below is a cover of the above mentioned band, "Jóvenes y Sexys." Next, young Venezuelan female artist Violeta Castillo representing more of the indie/chillwave end of the spectrum. Don't know much about Violeta but her bandcamp is definitely worth checking out on her bandcamp where she has three albums posted. Representing Mexico in this mix is "The Mueres." Most certainly a band that could be seen performing in a dive club in any U.S. metropolitan area or at a small liberal arts college. Definitely falling into the shoegaze genre, their music is marked by its effortless transitions and builds. Finishing of the list is Curumin. Not a new track by Curumin by any means, but warrants review. "Compacto" continues to be at the top of my list. Luciano "Curumin" Nakata embodies a bold funky, jazzy and uplifting sound. Enjoy!


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