Eric and Magill!

Straight from Milwaukee, WI, Eric and Magill represent a refreshing and soothing sound. Infinitely relaxed, the group sounds at times like Jukebox the Ghost and at others like another Wisconsinite native, Bon Iver. The latter due collaborations with Collections of Colonies of Bees, a Milwaukee group that collaborated with Justin Vernon (Bon Iver)to create Volcano Choir. Eric Osterman and Ryan Weber originally played together in the group Camden. In the period since Camden, much has happened including Weber volunteering for a year in the Republic of Armenia. While abroad, Weber began laying the foundation and collaborating with Osterman for the eventual album "All Those I Know." The lush soundscape of the title track brings to mind summer nights cruising around with friends then roaming the city at night. Lets hope these guys keep kickin and continue with some more great work.


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